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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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"I hadn't thought of it as a shutter! Maybe it is a combo shutter/de-stresser?"
I'd like to think that Dr. Boyce's alcohol would be doing the de-stressing. Whatever the case, in the final deck plans / blueprints there probably won't be a permanent window, so the viewer can decide for him- or herself what she likes that thing to be ("I don't know what it is, but it's green" ).

I just want to emphasize that Pike's cabin will be on main deck 3. At the end of the corridor to his cabin there is the circular briefing room or briefing lounge from the pilots. To place these circular rooms below the bridge in the center of the saucer seems mandatory to me. Needless to add that I like the idea of a briefing room right below the bridge. Unfortunately TOS then took a different route and it took some time unless TNG went back to the original (?) idea and located it in close proximity.

Should be interesting to allign Pike's cabin and corridor with that U-shaped main deck 3 corridor seen in Let That Be ...

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