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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

I loved Broken Bow (no great shocker here). We re-watched it maybe a year ago and it still felt fresh.

And I liked the human-Vulcan conflict, too! I think it actually dovetailed into the lyrics to the theme song, e. g. "It's been a long time, getting from there to here." Well, where's 'there'? And where's 'here'? The start should feel foreign, alien (there's a concept), an itchingly uncomfortable at times. The idea of the Vulcans seeing us as over-eager 5 year olds and we seeing them as killjoy parents works spectacularly well.

Us - Let's go look at stuff! We'll plant a flag! We'll have fun! Everyone'll be our pals!
Vulcans - Argh, you can't do that. There are native peoples! Not everyone is interested in becoming pals!

Plus, perhaps, the Vulcans were exercising almost a proto version of the Prime Directive. E. g. they didn't want to just hand us space travel and maps, etc. on a silver platter. Being on the receiving end of that is not so much fun, as the
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