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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Art. Data dabbled in it as part of his quest to become more human.
B is for Bajorans. Screw up their noses at everyone and everything.
C is for carbon-based units infesting USS Enterprise. Sometimes referred to as ugly bags of mostly water.
D is for "Double dumb ass on you!"
E is for Enterprise-E. The sixth starship to bear the name. Or seventh depending on your point of view.
F is for Flint. Immortal genius.
G is for Galorndon Core, site of many border skirmishes and incidents between the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation.
H is for Harcourt. Harcourt Fenton Mudd. Have you been drinking?
I is for Isolinear optical processor, the primary data processing device in Federation equipment from 2329 until the advent of bioneural gelpack technology about fifty years later.
J is for Jarok. Romulan defector.
K is for Kelvin. USS Kelvin. The dirtiest, greasiest starship we've ever seen. A Klingon would feel right at home.
L is for Livingston. Picard's fish.
M is for Marplon, one of the leaders of the underground resistance to the rule of Landru and the Lawgivers on planet Beta III.
N is for Norpin Colony. Federation Retirement Planet.
O is for ODN or Optical Data Network.
P is for Pacifica, an ocean-covered Federation world and the site of several interstellar peace conferences during the 24th century.
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