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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Welcome to the madhouse, Merlanthe! ENT is a great show once it finds its footing. I hope you like it!
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Broken Bow was a great pilot that did a good job introducing the characters. Some random thoughts.

-The idea for a decon room was good but the way it was used was lame

-I liked the different names for all the tech it really gave the show a different feel.

-I liked Trip and Archers dislike for the Vulcans, it was a change from the perfect humans we've seen before.

-ENT is the best looking trek, from direction to set design.

-I think you should rate the episodes as you go. I find that it allows others to compare and contrast someones feelings for the episodes and gives a clearer example of how you feel about each episode.
I agree with all of these. My only real nitpicks about the pilot (and they are nitpicks) are:

I think they should have kept the EM-33 instead of introducing phase pistols. A pulse weapon without a stun setting would have been a marked change from the Trek norm, and would have fit the grittier, more contemporary style TPTB were trying to go for.

The execution of the decon chamber also bugged me. I loved the idea, but having the occupants rub gel over each other's bodies was just an obvious attempt at titillation that fell flat.

I also agree with everyone else about the hull plating. Again, I liked the idea, but they never explained it. Just a quick description (fancy currents 'harden' the plating to repel destructive energy from enemy weaponry) would have done a lot. And the "hull plating at (whatever) percent!" should have never happened, either.

Overall, "Broken Bow" is probably in my top two when it comes to Trek pilots. I also liked "Emissary" from DS9 quite a bit, I'm just not sure which I'd put at #1 and which at #2.
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