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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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I cam across a story long ago called 'Siege Engine' which had Seven and Xena running into each other. It was an entertaining, though angst filled, story.

I ran across a time warp one where Janeway teamed with Gabrielle and Seven with Xena (or vice a versa). The gist was Seven and Janeway caught a clue about their relationship from the way Xena & Gabrielle interacted.

After watching 6 seasons of Xena, I still say X/G is the real thing, and J/7 is maternal through and through.

I did HOWL when Mulgrew complained "See! It's sex, sex, sex, sex... you'll take it anyway you can get it!"

At least Mulgrew is being consistent. Just like Janeway has no time for a "personal" relationship with Chakotay, she doesn't have time for such a relationship with Seven.

I like this part later in the same segment, showing the lonilness of command and how the legacy of Janeway was deep humanity.

In the next segment, they ask her about doing Flementh!
At this point I can imagine Kate would be happy to just walk away from the mike and go to the bar for a gin ricky than ever answer another 'first time question on Janeway's position on sex' and J7 shipper that I am, it has never seemed an idea that she ever cottoned to. I think she never saw the relationship as anything other than maternal or big sisterly toward Seven. I do think the chemistry toward Ryan in their acting (whether solely from their skills or contributed to from real life feelings) makes it easy to see more than the scripts themselves make visible. Both actresses played off each other far more powerfully than Lawless and O'Conner did in my estimation, though it would be fair to say that I never warmed to the character of Gabrielle who never rose above annoying girl to me. One of my favorite Xena/Voyager crossovers was Eternal Suffering. It is a wonderful look at X/G and J/C ships.
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