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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

@ Mytran

I'd assume the emitter works like the scanners of the diagnostic panels in sickbay, Dr. Boyce is recording medical readings of his patient. As for the pulsating glow (need to rewatch the original, didn't notice that before) I don't know but like the producers of TOS-R I like the idea of that panel being the shutter (like in Mark of Gideon) of an exterior window. The curvature of this room suggests to me its on main deck 3 and since the bow area here is rather exposed to head-on particles on collision course I feel that shutters do make some sense.

@ blssdwlf

I hope to achieve an interior presentation of the ship as it looked in the final TOS episode (e.g. with the antimatter valve monitoring room as seen in That Which Survives instead of the open spaces from The Ultimate Computer and Elaan of Troyius). It'll have the warp engine room on E-Deck 9 (second and third season set) and the impulse engine room (first season) or "Engineering Control Room" in the saucer.

I strive for one "optimal" representation which will include all sets seen throughout the series with little or less "refit" explanations (hence my reluctance to sacrifice the "Science Library" from Dagger of the Mind for the cell of the brig from Season Two on).

The current idea is to locate a variety of locations - as suggested / not contradicted by Season One - in the engineering hull to have more space and room "to maneuver" in the saucer hull. Should more space remain in the saucer hull, some places (like the brig from Season Two on) might be relocated there.

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