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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

My observations from the screening....

Overall, the episodes were very faithful to the original SD versions....which is both good and bad. Good in that nothing really jumped out as a downgrade, but nothing really stood out as an upgrade (other than the fact it is HD, of course).

The good: Measure of a Man extended cut is GREAT. The added scenes add a lot to the overall story, especially to Riker vs. Picard. Aside from a couple sound issues, the additions were completely seamless. The only part that stood out as unnecessary was Maddox crashing Data's party. Going forward, I will only ever watch the extended cut.

The space station in MoaM looked pretty good. The Borg shipped looked decent, though due to the original effects, it looked like a cardboard cut-out some of the time. The new Borg matte looks pretty good. I see from the S3 trailer that it's used again. I wonder if CBS-D made it (hence it looking good)

Now for the bad:

  • In the conference room scene with Maddox, there is a background effect of the space station behind Maddox and Picard's heads, seen here: The effect is AWWWWWWFUL. For one, the image is so DNRed that it looks like upscaled SD. Second, the matte lines around Picard and Maddox are terrible. It's a fuzzy mess around their heads, and parts of their heads (especially Maddox's hair) appear and disappear. It was very jarring and ugly. Then when it cuts to another shot, it's back to sharp picture with film grain. No effort was made to make it consistent. I have to say, that shot looks better on DVD.
  • The model effects for the Enterprise are satisfactory, nothing more. For one, the Enterprise lacks any depth due to poor lighting/shadows, and is pale gray, much like standard definition. When you see the ship in the opening credits, it looks wonderful again. Then back to pale gray with no depth. The Enterprise was squished in most of the main beauty shots, but not all.
  • Grain was fairly inconsistent. Sometimes grain was heavy and consistent, and other times it was gone.
  • There appeared to be a graphical glitch in Measure of a Man. In this establishing shot (used twice) , the effects are glitched on the far left of the frame, as if they're reflecting off the edge of the frame. I worry that the Blu-ray is the same way.
  • The sound mix for Measure of a Man was off. During the courtroom scenes, the voices were slightly echoey. Sound was also inconsistent cutting between the existing and newly inserted scenes, but only slightly.
  • The photon torpedo explosions looked like upscaled SD. Soft and not well defined.
  • In one of the shots of the Enterprise, the lighting effects appeared to wobble relative to the model, particularly around the bussard collector. Once you see it, you'll....
Finally, the season 3 trailer was AMAZING. Seeing the amazing quality of the effect shots was quite a condemnation of the season 2 effects. After seeing 2 hours of gray, pale Enterprise, it's back to sharp, multi-colored and shadowy Enterprise. The Borg ship didn't look like a cardboard cut-out.

The trailer was extremely well-done. Very heavy on footage of Yesterday's Enterprise and BOBW 1. Those episodes looked very cinematic. My friend and I both said "wow, the two episodes we just watched looked nowhere as good as this"

Overall, I am not expecting much out of Season 2. The heavily DNRed shot was disgusting, and I'm not looking forward to seeing more.

Oh, and the only thing HTV got right that CBS-D got wrong - the final credit card with the year and copyright. CBS-D used some wonky unfamiliar font. HTV used the correct font. That's the only positive I can think of.

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