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Re: Season 2 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

Just got back from seeing it and some thoughts. I might post this first thought in the main thread but because we are talking about the screening, I figured I would just post it here too.

1) Did things seem brighter on these two episodes (And assuming the entire season) than in Season 1? What I mean is when you had the exterior Enterprise shots, it almost looked like things were more upconverted to HD rather than restored. To be blunt, the ship looked way too white, while in season 1 it looked darker gray but more crisper. I actually found it a little distracting, but this is something I can actually live with instead of crying bloody murder. However, it just didn't look up to Season 1's standards, and the blu-ray trailer for season 3 only reasserted that fact. Hell, after watching that trailer, I think I'm more excited for season 3 than season 2. Holy god that looked absolutely beautiful.

2) I loved the extended Measure of a Man, and the only scene I would have cut would have been the fencing scene, because it kind of put Riker in a different light that kind of loses the point of the episode. Riker was treating this as competition but the original episode showed him guilty pretty much the entire way through, making the final scene much more poignant. I did like Picard in this scene though, and to bring back his Fencing from We'll Always Have Paris was nice, but I'm not sure in the long run if this scene would have worked to the episode's strengths. The show, even with the extended footage is still a classic though

3) Everytime I see Q Who and Best of Both Worlds, it's like I forget what Voyager did to The Borg. They were really really scary in these episodes, and this might be Q's second best episode (With the best being all good things). I still love his line after he shifts the Enterprise to System J-25 and think it's one of the best lines ever to grace a script on this series.

4) I think one of the main reasons I went to this is because I've been championing the special features and wanted something to tide me over until I get season 2 for Christmas (Not picking it up next week). They were all very good, and the Making it So documentary is living up to the standards of "Stardate Revisited". I'm looking forward to seeing it all, especially the full interview with Diana Maulder. There was one thing I didn't like and that was losing a lot of respect for Marina Sirtis during the Cast reunion. It was when she said "With apologies to the other series, TNG was the flagship show". Hey, Mrs. Ditsy chick who couldn't act until First Contact and Voyager, SHUT UP. TNG was not the flagship show, Star Trek was. Have some respect to the series that came before, and the series you were even on that came after. The look on Brent Spiner's face said it all, Sirtis was full of bull shit who should "Know her role". I'm sorry if this pisses off all the troi fans, and I love TNG, but her comment was ridiculous. If anyone wishes to clarify her statement because I sound harsh, please do. I feel like I took all I needed to know and understood it perfectly.

5) During the pre-show, they were showing clips of the different episodes and the differences between standard def and the restored version and there was one segment that opened my eyes. It was when they were showing screenshots for Loud as a Whisper, and the shot of the chorus being vaporized and I was like, that might be Season 2's 11001001 moment. It kind of reminded me of seeing the innereds of Remmick from Conspiracy. Great shot and freeze frame.

I had a great time, and the theater was about half full. It was great watching Star Trek: TNG on the big screen, seeing the title sequence in surround sound, and being with other people to enjoy it. It felt like being a kid again, especially Measure of a Man watching it for the first time. I'm looking forward to when they are doing this for Season 3, which I hope they do.

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