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Re: Do the Homeless Get Free Medical Treatment at American Hospitals?

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No, they don't have to wait. The ambulance company was sued in the past for doing just that, so they answer every call. And laws were enacted, not for the whiners but for the legitimate errors by medical personnel, which carry over to allow the whiners to abuse them.

As I said, there are legitimate medical issues requiring immediate assistance, even by the whiners and abusers. And the whiners and abusers shouldn't have to grovel to receive it. But they should follow the rules and they should not seek unneeded special priorities under circumstances that don't require them, taking resources away from others who actually DO require them at that moment. We're not talking emergencies here, just routine care.
How does that work? What people who need immediate attention aren't getting it because of fraudsters and whiners? It is not illegal to triage.
There has been at least one case. And due to the lawsuit, they will not triage, but transport. It's not right.

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Surely, then, they could be prosecuted for fraudelent requests for emergency care?


Sounds to me as though that's the sort of abuse of public resources that "conservative" politicians should concentrate on addressing andcurbing, instead of arguing against healthcare for those who actually do desperately need it.

It's understandable and even laudable that liberals, in their determination to save lives and livelihoods, set up systems that can occasionally be misused in these sorts of ways. But, without excusing the actions of abusers, I'd rather society overreach in such matters than under-reach.
Total agreement here, except that its both conservatives and liberals who should be working to address this, so that the money that IS spent, is spent right. "Right" as in "not wasted."
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