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Re: Season 2 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

Awesome night!
I actually enjoyed Measure more. Most of the added scenes really did add to the ep. The scene in engineering was strange though bc Geordi acted like he didn't really care Data was leaving, and then in ten forward a little later he's all torn up about it.

Okay, the exterior effects... To be blunt, the lighting on the ship doesn't look as good as s1. It still looks leaps and bounds over standard def, but the ship itself looks a bit washed out and pops out more than looking integrated into the scene. In the s3 trailer, the shots of the ship look more like the cbs-d shots from s1. Better contrast and coloring.

O also think they could've updated some of the Borg cube chase shots where it looks like the image of the model is simply zoomed in on instead of an actual camera pass. Maxwell probably knows the term for it. It's like they took a freeze frame static shot and slowly zoom it in to show the ship approaching. A few of the shots where the cube is firing the shield draining shots I can live with, but i was really hoping they'd fix the shot of the cube where the enterprise zooms by at warp 9 and then the cube follows. Unfortunately they didn't.

Overall it was still am sing, but the exterior shots were a bit off compared to s1.

S3 trailer... Everything I could've hoped for!

Calling it here. S3 movie event is definitely yesterday's ent. And bobw pt1.
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