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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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The doctrine of the Trinity is shared by Orthodox, Roman Catholic and every mainline Protestant church. 98% of all Christianity, by numbers.
Yeah, and Esperanza is part of the 2% (or larger, or smaller by the 24th century) that doesn't hold that belief. What's the problem with that?

The present-day Unitarian Universalist Church is well known for wearing its politics on its sleeve; it's left-wing, loud and proud. Combined with the political content of the scene, and recent Trek's unsubtle attempt to make thematic commentary on present-day American politics (see Paths of Disharmony), I find Mr. Mack's characterization attempt unsubtle, overreaching and out of place in Trek.
I guess you're entitled to that opinion, but I didn't find anything unsubtle or overreaching about any part of the eulogy scene. To me, the name "Unitarian" could have been replaced by any other Christian sect (or even another religion altogether), and I can't think of any way in which the scene would have played out differently. To me, it seemed like he was simply name-dropping a religion. Esperanza was a Unitarian; huh, neat. If she were a Muslim? Jewish? Zoroastrian? Completely non-religious? People might have said he was pushing another agenda altogether. Mention of something doesn't imply endorsement of that thing. I might write a character as being Mormon. I'm not Mormon, nor do I wish to "push" the Mormon belief. I sensed no ulterior motive on Mack's part.

Trek's schtick was long just to ignore present-day religions for the most part; Gene Roddenberry was somewhere between agnostic and atheist and wasn't keen on churchgoing himself. I prefer that tradition, if any, about religion in Trek.
I'll completely admit that as a former Catholic, now atheist, I was initially annoyed with references to religion in MY STAR TREK (TM). But then, it occurred to me what has already been mentioned up-thread: that one thing Star Trek is about is accepting and living in harmony with people whose beliefs or world-view don't necessarily match my own. Creed can and should be on the same list as things like race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and any number of other things that make people different from each other. J. Michael Straczynski is another creator who is "somewhere between agnostic and atheist" and isn't "keen on churchgoing" as well. He wrote Catholics and characters with other beliefs quite convincingly, and even penned an episode of Babylon 5 in which he was accused of coming down too hard on atheists by other atheists, and accused of mocking religious belief by religious people. That's because he's a good writer. And David Mack wasn't even doing THAT much here. He mentioned the name of a church.
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