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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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But what really sticks a fork in HTV's work is when they show the season three trailer at the end. I stand by my earlier statement that the work done by HTV looks like ass when compared to the work done by CBS-Digital.
I couldn't agree more. I sat through the show and thought it was good, some noticible errors, but no show-stoppers...until the S3 trailer, then I was blown away. I'm already excited for S3.

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Saw the showing, enjoyed it. I don't think everything looked quite as crisp and bold as the S1 stuff but, still, it looked pretty good. I liked the extended edition of MoaM but I can see why the cut stuff was cut. I don't really think it added much to the episode.
Again, I agree. I thoroughly enjoyed the extended cut. For the most part the scenes really worked and while they didn't necessarily add anything to the show, I enjoyed the additional character interactions and definitely didn't take anything away from the show (like some deleted scenes might).


A few things that I noticed (and managed to remember):

- In some ship shots, it appears that HTV didn't properly correct for the film warping as CBS mentioned in their interviews and the lighting pass floats around on the ship
- Some live actions shots looked blurrier than others, even in the same scene, I'm not sure if this is due to some digital zooming (as was the case occasionally in S1) or different film grains or HTV messing up the scanned film (I doubt this one, actually)
- The exterior shuttle shot in Q Who is blurry, the markings on the ship weren't as clear as I'd expect them to be. One could argue it's meant to be out of focus, but this doesn't make much sense since it's the only thing in the shot.
- The 2 footer still looks really out of place.

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