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New Blood, Part 8

"Where did you get this much kanar, Quark?" Adam Martoni said as he stood over Quark. Several of his Bajoran deputies were currently scanning several crates.

"The import licenses are in order, right here. See..." Quark said as he handed Adam a PADD.

"Hmm, looks like it to me." Adam said, "Except Aamin Maritza died seven years ago on the Promenade."

"Ok. Ok. I located a quantity of kanar, through various connections and thought several cases of the 2327 vintage of kanar would be perfect for the Cardassian delegation..." Quark said.

"And just how did you come across this find?" Adam asked.

"I have my ways." Quark replied.

"And just what import license laws did you break and tariffs did you fail to pay?" Adam asked.

"I assure you the paperwork is in order. But if it isn't perhaps we could share the profits and..." Quark began.

"Quark, bribery of Station Security is a Class III offense, your import fine and bribery fine will be calculated by the magistrate." Adam began, "Mack, I'm gonna need to ensure these items are properly secured."

"Yes sir." Mack replied, making a mental note to let Draper know what was going on with Quark and that this could potentially be leverage.

"Wait! I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding!" Quark said, just about running after Martoni.


"So he has roses sent to you at exactly the hour of the year's anniversary of your first date? And he's been at this on the dot for six years?" Tekoa asked as she and Robin were working on Upper Pylon 3.

Robin smiled, "Yes he does."

"Lieutenant, please don't take this the wrong way, but I think Tholians could take lessons in punctuality from Lieutenant Draper in that regard." Tekoa remarked.

"It's part of his charm." Robin replied.

"If only we had more, what is that pet of yours again..." Tekoa said.

"An Alaskan Malamute." Robin replied, "They have a tendency to hunt small animals."

"What's your Malamute's tally at?" Tekoa asked.

"Six so far. The seventh got away from Goliath and Dr. Bashir had to treat him for scratches on the face." Robin replied.

"Will that discourage him?" Tekoa asked.

"No," Robin replied, "It wouldn't."

"So any more ideas how to get rid of these voles?" Tekoa asked.

"Well, I did think of a high frequency sonar generator. I've got a test pattern programmed for right now." Robin replied as she tapped a couple commands into her tricorder.

A second later there came a high pitched scream from Nog down the corridor.

Robin hastily shut off the tricorder, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize you were this close."

"I'm not sure if you remember, Chief O'Brien's attempt at using a sonic device earlier. It didn't work either and it caused more than a bit of consternation among the Ferengi population of this station." Nog grunted irritably.

"You never mentioned that before." Robin replied.

"You didn't ask." Nog sniped back.

"Look, Nog, let's talk." Robin said as she walked around the bend with him, "I'm not sure if it's resentment or not, but it has to stop. Colonel Kira put me in as Chief of Operations. I'm willing to listen to you, if you're willing to be helpful."

"I'd be willing to be helpful if you'd ask me about decisions before you make them." Nog replied before stalking off.


To Be Continued...
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