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Paper Moon
Re: Season 2 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

Also had fun. Brought the old man this time, and he really enjoyed it, too, particularly the reunion segment.

Loved the extended version of "The Measure of a Man". Added so much to the episode. (A couple of things that probably should've remained cut, but still, great overall.)

It did seem like the remastering was a little less together this time. Some new CGI shots of the Big E in "Q Who?," for example, weren't quite right. The interior shots were beautiful, though, and the new material in "TMoaM" was edited in seamlessly.

Seeing new outtakes was great.

Also: I had not heard Spiner's anecdote about Data being a posterboy for children with Asperger's before. That was truly touching, and was an aspect of the Data's role in the popular media that I had never considered before. Stewart's story about the Las Vegas policeman was also deeply moving.

Really hope they do an event like this for season 3. There weren't as many people in the theater tonight as there were for season 1. On the other hand, this was a school night in November, and that was during the summer. So here's hoping.
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