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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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A technical way to describe the sound might be a downward glissando, or more accurately portamento -- one note sliding down to another, as a trombone can do.
Nicely done. I play 'bone, and most people have that one wrong. It's a glissando on piano, where a smear (portamento) isn't possible.
I'm afraid the credit is owed more to Wikipedia than to me.
Props for the due diligence, then!

We always call them glisses, by the way, even though that's wrong.

Portamento is less often a big smear, more often a common inflection often heard in orchestra recordings from bygone days, in string section work where they swoop up into notes together. It was uber-common the first half of the 20th c. and was part of Eugene Ormandy's "Philadelphia sound." Now it sounds cheesy and dated, but was common performance practice. You'll hear it in a lot of classic movie scores. It's like how Sinatra glides/swoops up into notes as part of his crooner style. I'll bet the strings in Fantasia and Gone with the Wind do it a lot, for you movie score fans. Once it's in your ears that they're doing it, it's hard to ignore, like an announcer with a pet phrase or something.
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