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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Regarding the "sting" during Death of Miramanee, it was a separately recorded overlay. And yes of course we have it. You are going to cry when you hear it.

That moment is quite wonderful in the episode. I re-watched Paradise Syndrome recently, a year or so ago, and the episode as a whole is cheesy as hell. And it's weird, when Miramanee is wounded and dying – well, the intervening decades have really messed with the way you watch that moment. She's lying in this classic cheesecake pose, clearly arranged for maximum viewing pleasure. She looks fine; and if you've watched any House, it seems like McCoy didn't even try. if House had been there, he would have tried a whole bunch of invasive procedures to save her – she would look like she had received medical attention.

But then Kirk sits with her, and the music swells, and she dies and we get the quiet cello emphasis in the score. And he keeps sitting with her, quietly, as the closing credits roll. It's quite moving.

That is startling. The episode is so cheesy that this obvious ending, that (a) you can see coming from a mile away, and (b) is completely undermined by 4 decades worth of media, should not retain any power at all. And yet it does. Tribute to – well, a bunch of people. Fried. Whoever was the genius who decided to keep rolling with Kirk sitting there, and to use that for the credits. Shatner himself. Reallly interesting.

Total Time: 37:58
Holy cow! That's a long score!

That's a tremendously long score for a ~45 min show. It's the longest, right? Does any other score come close?

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(No sweets for the suite.)
Brilliant. ;-)

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