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Re: How do you deal with Depression?

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Pets are a fantastic way to deal with depression. Obviously they won't fix the underlying issues, but they work wonders to elevate your mood.
They do indeed. Unfortunately for me separation from my pet is part of my current depression. My girlfriend and I separated last month (her idea, not mine) and I had to move out. Rented a room (all I can presently afford) and so I'm without my partner of seven years and our puppy, my best friend since he was born three years ago.

I don't know if this separation is temporary or permanent (I hope for the former and fear the latter). I just know how much I miss both of them. And I know my little boy misses me too. She dropped off some mail for me last week, bringing the little guy along and when she rolled down the car window he leapt out the window and just clung to me for the entire time we talked.
I don't know the specifics, but it's too bad she couldn't have moved out and you couldn't keep the dog with you. My husband is going to have to pry our cat out of my cold, dead hands. There is no way I am going anywhere without him. Ever.
The house is hers. She was the primary income in the relationship. It was supposed to be equal but I lost my job just before we/she bought the house. And as much as I miss my little man, she's in a much better position to take of him financially.

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I'm curious what one should do about depression when the depression itself is more situational than biochemical. I've seen therapists and taken medication, but the reality is that since the underlying situation never changes the depression never really goes away. There comes a point when it all seems pointless.
Do the best you can. Find distractions. Work on things in stages.

At least that's what I'm trying. My depression is strictly situational. It's not easy. I'm desperately looking for work. Missing my partner of the last seven years and our puppy. No family to turn to. A few friends but none that can help in any way other than talking here and there.

There's not much more a person can say without knowing the situation. And even then words only go so far.

I've been seeing a therapist. Started out because after I lost my job when we were buying the house, I lost all confidence in myself. The bitter irony for me is just as I was starting to get it back she asked me to leave.
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