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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

For some reason I decided to watch Lisa's interview on the Jeff Probst Show last week (yes, such a thing does exist in daytime television) and suddenly everything about her and the way she’s played the game made sense. She talked about her personal life and how she married a guy she wasn’t in love with because she thought God wanted her to, even though her heart said otherwise, and she stayed with him for something like 25 years simply because it must be God’s plan. She said only now does she realize that she should listen to her heart because that’s really what God would want. Apparently she did not learn this lesson in time for Survivor though. I mean, it’s so clear – even though she feels it would be the “right” thing to do to align with the people she feels a connection with, she instead sticks with people she doesn’t like, only because of some false sense of commitment to them. First it was Abi and Pete, now Malcolm and Denise. It doesn’t even help her win the game, because Penner is right that she won’t be able to win against them. At first I felt bad for her, but now that I’ve learned this is a habit of hers, I’m just irritated.
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