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Re: Two and a Half Men star calls show 'filth', wants us to stop watch

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No, sir. See, this is how it works: If you publicly denounce your employer based on your personal ethics, and state that your employer creates filth, and that it goes against your beliefs, that it is damaging to people you care about, then you stop working for them and collecting a paycheck. Otherwise, it makes you a hypocrite.
A hypocrite and a wimp since it seems he's not ready to put his money where his mouth is.

I'm thinking there's a new F word on the set these days and he's never going to hear the end of this.

Angus: Hey can I get a cup of coffee?

Floor guy: Don't you mean a cup of filthy coffee?
Yep. "Sorry I've insulted all of you and labeled you as filth in an interview seen by millions, but just know that it doesn't change the fact I'm making a lot more money than you, and won't give it up for even a base set of principles."

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