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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Thanks for answering my queries - I am optimistic that when the time comes I can fit corridors of the correct radius into my Enterprise, but that will remain to be seen! It may well prove to be a neccessary evil to get the job done, as you mentioned.

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I should mention that I have believed for a long time that Pike's quarters ("now" the flag officer guest quarters aboard the Enterprise) were also on this deck and with his cabin window on the starboard side.
With regard to Pike's cabin having an actual window, there's nothing in the original effects to suggest that. Indeed, the green panel behind him pulsates with an odd white glow throughout the exchange with Doctor Boyce:

What's causing the panel to glow like this?

It's a brief moment, but as Dr Boyce is setting up his medical bag on the raised chair, he switches on the perspex tube "emitter" mounted above him. From this point on, the panel behind the captain starts to pulse regularly. My guess is that the panel and emitter form some of futuristic "de-stresser" - Pike could certainly use the help!

Also, compared to later windows that we see the wall is almost paper-thin. Definitely not exterior bulkhead material, IMHO.
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