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Re: What Are You Eating/Drinking Right Now?

i'm about to have some Indian chick peas and spinach paneer with rice... NOM.

fed my dogs: Mackerel, whole grain Barley, Yoghurt, Raw/farm fresh Eggs, Omega 3 oil w/dha, probiotics/enzymes, a bit of curry squash (cooked).

My Dogs eat better than i do. They LOVE it, and it changes daily. i think Haute Cuisine is Incidentally organic, local, and good for you. Or at least, not BAD for you. I also employ a good many Tropical/equatorial/Columbus exchange ingredients when i can afford them... i'm into food&mood. {i use the term but argue the validity of the eponymy of Columbus in Established Indigenous trade routes}

This does not mean that i, or my Dogs, eat Cardboard. We are Hedonists by nature... Sybaritic, even. We Love Yum.


O, and hello. i'm rather new, here...
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