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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Watching these episodes back-to-back had more of a movie feel.
For years this was the double ep we ended up watching when we had intended to watch a movie.. because it is so much more fun than most movies. It's my most rewatched eps of VOY and you've touched on all the highlights. I also like Chak and B tied up by survivalists. It's just full of humor and costumes and a kind of warm heartedness that has no sappy parts. Everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Janeway is in an all white suit three times on VOY (to my count) and I'm wondering if Mulgrew had some influence on that as she was seen for years dressed in white herself.

As to the Eugenics wars, Cox explained that it was all behind the scenes

It is happening NOW!

You and Hitler oughta get together
You oughta learn to knit and wear matching sweaters
Janeway does Melbourne
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