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Re: Rescue! - the old Mac game from the early 90s

I sort of wish that I still had my old Mac and Rescue. I never tried pulling another ship through the wormhole with the tractorbeam (that I can remember anyways, I haven't played since I was a kid in the 90's)

I remember playing Rescue! and Escape velocity on that Mac. While Rescue! was a fun game, Escape Velocity was better. Rescue was too short.

If anyone still wants to play Escape Velocity I recommend Escape Velocity Nova. It can be played on both Macs and PCs. If you buy the game, you could also play plugins, and in one of the plugins you can also play the original Escape Velocity.

A little off topic, but Lindley, didn't you make a firefly plugin for EV Nova? Did you ever finish it? I vaguely remember playing the beta version of it years ago
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