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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

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Okay so i recently acquired the complete all 4 seasons of Enterprise on dvd. I've only ever seen a handful of episodes from the first season back when the show first premiered on tv (gosh it seems so long long ago) and a couple episodes that were on my borg/time travel/alternate reality fan collectives.

So i wouldnt say i was a complete stranger to the series but apart from the aforementioned handful of episodes i have a lot of unseen material and am quite excited at the prospect of the many many epsiodes (entire seasons of episodes!) of unseen trek that i have yet to discover

Im going to post my thoughts on each episode on this thread in case any one is interested to read them starting with my thoughts on the pilot Broken Bow tomorrow.
Welcome to Enterprise, Merlanthe! I hope you enjoy it. I look forward to seeing how you see the characters and such, especially Archer. He's got his bright spots.

Shanndee wrote: View Post
I'll read along as well!

Maybe by the time you reach the end of season 2 I'll even watch along with you. I was trying to do a re-watch/first time watch of the series, but Hubby gave up before the end of season 2. I wasn't having fun watching alone [and its hard to get the TV to myself when he's home] so I stopped too.

I was going to try to watch along with S/UF, but she moved through the series really fast! We'll see how this goes!

Should I bring some spinach dip?
Yes, it's taking me about 15 weeks to get through all 4 seasons. I try to watch an episode a day, or if I miss days, then I'll usually clump a few together on the weekend. Sorry about that.

I'm not sure what I'll watch next. I was leaning towards Voyager because for the life of me, I only can remember one episode that I saw in the past when it was on t.v. I already started TNG, so I might do that one. I don't know... It sounds like this thread will be easier to keep up with, though. Have fun watching!

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teacake wrote: View Post
Polarize the hull plating cracks me up. Seven syllables when a torpedo is coming right at you.

"PLATES!!!" that's what should have been said when in an attack situation. You can save the shmancy stuff for when you're slowly making your way ithrough a potentially dangerous zone.
I always love in Trek in general, not just Enterprise, that the tactical officer always has to be TOLD to raise the shield/polarize the plates when they're under attack.

I'd have just loved for Worf to snap back, "Oh it's a good thing you TOLD me to raise the shields, otherwise I was just going to let this Klingon ship continue blowing the crap out of us."
I think the idea was that captains "command" the ship, so they have to tell the crew what to do, but when you really look at some of these things, that doesn't make sense. People do know how to do their jobs, or they wouldn't have them. That would have been a funny blooper moment, though...
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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