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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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"You've asked for some feedback, so I hope the following observations may prove useful (and are not intended as personal slights on your work)"
Please feel absolutely free to speak your mind like Chronografer did. Take the gloves off and fire away. I'm looking for feedback that helps improvement and sterilization of flaws (but I don't wanna ask Nomad for that).

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... As youve already mentioned in your introduction, differences in corridor radius is not something you are overly bothered with, so this is really a non-issue (just thought Id mention it)"
They DO bother me a lot, but I think it's an evil necessity if I want to consider the circular corridor to the warp engine room from The Ultimate Computer without increasing the size of the ship to incredible dimensions.

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  • I can see now how you've fitted the "windows" from the cabin set into the side of the hull. The only issue here is that the two rooms in the cabin are at different angles to the flat wall of the secondary hull. But you may have a plan for that, since this is not a final draft.
  • Yeoman Rand's corridor has no ladder? I didn't notice anything in the episode, although I grant that the ladder is not always visible when viewed from certain angles. Is this just a clever way of you limiting the number of ladders on board ship?
  • Gary Mitchell's walk in WNMHGB nice placement of the long straight corridor, but placing it where you have means he enters the episode from what looks like the Hangar Deck control room an unusual place to hang out, if not impossible! Also, the corridor appears to be incomplete of what appears in the episode (down the ramp etc as discussed here) Or is this related to your odd remark about the antimatter pod being enlarged (and presumably replacing some corridor sections?)
The "window quarters" will match the outer hull which should also add a little symmetry to the actual studio set design.

The entire "Yeoman Rand corridor" is the sum of Charlie X + The Enemy Within. Charlie waits for Janice in front of the covered ladder booth. I had hoped the turbo shaft from Deck 14 would be the reason why there is no place for it.

Gary Mitchell was an unusual man. I'm not sure if this was the corridor he used (there'll be another option on Deck 10 but you'll find the place he came from probably even less likely), but I wanted to illustrate how the angled corridor end alligns nicely with the turbo lift / hangar deck corridor one deck below. I feel compelled to add that I did the Deck 13 draft before I was even consciously aware that this kind of corridor existed. At the port bow we can also see how this kind of corridor brings the diagonal corridor to a nice end parallel to the central axis. The WNM corridor is a fascinating key to solve a couple of problems in the engineering hull.

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  • I like the idea of the security section. Is this the only brig though? If so then I should draw your attention to "Way to Eden" where one of the Space-hippies climbs UP the triangular ladder to carry out the jailbreak.
Love the theory about the changing colour of the turbolifts!

  • The Transporter Room in "The Cage" of course had a different corridor setup outside its doors. I assume you are ascribing interior remodelling to explain the differences.
There will be more cells and I won't exclude the possibility of yet another brig in the saucer hull. The problem right now is that this is an immensely crowded corner. Dagger of the Mind suggests there is also a briefing room (the blue direction marker is blurred but the proportions seem to fit) and I'm afraid there'll be no other location candidate for Gary Mitchell's medical ward bed from WNM (as the WNM "sickbay" was located behind that door in the angle segment). That this medical ward was in the security section is - of course - entirely coincidental.

Since this corridor end on Deck 14 is not entirely compatible with this one from The Cage I'd presume some remodelling took place (an A-frame for a blue door). I mostly like the idea that the original transporter room was powered by the energy of the engineering deck levels above and the landing party equipment they used seemed to require some storage space nearby.

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