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Re: Love, hate and the AMT Enterprise model

Agreed! Back in the day we never knew what the #*$%& was going on behind the domes. I thought at the time (and still prefer to think) that all the blinkies showed the actual matter-antimatter interaction. It sparkled, even on color sets, and the spokes barely and only infrequently showed. It was a whole lot more fun not knowing all the Trek-nology.

I started a thread on this before, but did anyone else ever make starships out of paper plates and paper towel tubes? And here's a tip -- you can make a communicator very much like the ones in the Gold Key comics by taping two cigarette packs together and painting them red. You even get the flip-up antenna (much smaller in the comic books.) So much more fun to make things than buy them as a kid, even if wildly inacurrate. My broken AMT nacelles later became phasers (the pylons were the pistol grips). And long before Franz Joseph, I glued parts of broken models all over, to make new hybrid ships.
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