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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

Lisa is spineless and useless. Equally as worthless as bully girl Abi. I'm sick of Malcolm and Denise. I liked Penner. I like uhhh what's his face... Sean Penn in Fast Times.... ok I don't know the dude's name at all, he doesn't seem to get much screen time. Won some auctions... got screwed by having to give up one for the team and share the other, while they still mercilessly outbid him for some of the other goods right after he chose the rice and beans for 'em...

So uhh yeah, my preferences at this point in order are uhh, that guy I was just talking about.. Skupin, not because I liked him at all this season, just because I liked him back in the day.... Abi, Christ she is horrible, but it is what it is, Denise, Malcolm, and last and most definitely least, Useless Lisa.
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