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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

That episode was a lot of nonsense IMO, the season had been pretty good for the most part but they seem hellbent on squandering it. The Bobby/Jax speech was just dumb. I'm not finding the Jimmy Smits "they pulled me back in" crap compelling either. Consider the 400k plus a 'downpayment'? A 'downpayment' on taking out some punks in a second-rate turf war? Boy that doesn't seem like much of an investment. The cartel jumping Galen and company... silly.

The Pope stuff is still kind of interesting, but it's been kind of on the backburner. The stuff with Wendy wasn't bad, but it just underscores how much of a miserable turd Jax really is. There is a serious lack of likability with this MC, and I'm the sort of guy who is always cheering for the 'bad guy' characters. And the forced heroin thing... didn't Gemma do something really similar before? Or did maybe another show do something similar? It just felt really familiar.
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