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Re: Wars and campaigns that were largely ignored by FPS's

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The only interesting games made about WWI involve air combat. A realistic ground combat game set during WWI would just be horribly depressing. A more pointless waste of human lives, the world has not seen.

I think people like WWII as a setting for video games because it has such clear heroes and villains. That kind of narrative simplicity is lacking in most wars. It's hard to find a greater real-world evil than Hitler and Nazi Germany. Likewise, WWI didn't have any real "winner," a bunch of people just died for no good reason. Thousands perished fighting for months over a mile-wide strip of land. Stuff like that isn't engaging or fun, it's just awful.
That is a very western take on the First World War. The front lines in the east were much more fluid and trench warfare was the exception rather than the rule.
I'd be cool with a game about the Eastern Front then.
It was also kind of one-sided.
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