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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

WIP Update on Deck 12: There is no way an additional cabin (McCoy) with windows could be added to the window cabins of Kirk and Mudd.
Either Kirk vacated his cabin and McCoy moved into it (because renovation began in his quarters on Main Deck 5) - production chronology compatible / stardate order incompatible - or Mudd's cabin had been all along on Deck 13 in the Security Section (the red coloring of his cabin may suggest that) or we disregard the cabin numbering and McCoy moved into Mudd's cabin after Mudd had left.

Here is the WIP draft for Engineering Deck 11:

Again, I refer to the annotations on the draft, first.

The more I think about it, the more I'm tempted to locate the stargazer room from Mark of Gideon on Main Deck 3. As we can clearly see in this screencap they arrive at the "multi-purpose room" coming from the Jefferies Tube corridor that somehow has to end at the bow of the 'teardrop'. I should mention that I have believed for a long time that Pike's quarters ("now" the flag officer guest quarters aboard the Enterprise) were also on this deck and with his cabin window on the starboard side. I'd like to believe that the corridor to Pike's quarters happens to be the same:

On this deck you can see how the turbo lifts or shafts from the lower decks connect to the distribution system. Originally I had considered the turbo shafts on the starboard stern to be not connected to the main system that will eventually connect to the neck pylon and the saucer hull. By Any Other Name made short work of this idea as Kirk meets with Scotty and Spock (coming from the first ladder to the Emergency Manual Monitor on Enginnering Level 1 and their little sabotage) to enter the turbo lift and make a nonstop ride to the bridge. Adding the currently missing semi-circular turbo shaft on the starboard side will definitely add more symetry to this deck plan draft.

There will have to be some ladders to get up or down (in case the turbo lift system is inoperative) but other than that, I presume this deck will mostly contain mechanical components, storage tanks et cetera. with the exception of a mysterious room port and starboard that features the widest exterior window on the ship.

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