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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

My brief review:
Persistence of Memory was good but not one of the best Trek book I’ve read, leaving me with average enthusiasm for Silent Weapons. This book was absolutely incredible with a great plot that kept me reading and wanting to know what was REALLY going on. Silent Weapons was full of so many great character interactions and twists, leaving me desperate to pick up book 3.

I really like how each of these books (assuming the third follows the trend) has its own main plot but builds upon another bigger plot and rather than just leaving the bigger plot to be addressed at the beginning and/or end, elements of it are woven throughout. Also, though Data is a key character to these stories, I don’t get the sense that these are “the books that resurrect Data” because he just a large piece in a greater puzzle. Hopefully readers will remember Cold Equations for much more than that.

I also get the sense that these are not just books about characters facing difficult situations but situations that are going to change them at their core and perhaps their roles in future books.

Thank you, David Mack, for taking me on the journey. I look forward to your next tale.
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