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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

I've loved seeing these new additions to the "Thermian" approach to deck plans. You've asked for some feedback, so I hope the following observations may prove useful (and are not intended as personal slights on your work)

Nice use of a circular corridor! At first I couldn't figure out how you fitted a full circle into the secondary hull, ‘til I realised you'd reduced the diameter (and yes, I later realised you've actually written that in the narrative!). Wrapping the corridor around the antimatter pod is a great way to justify a curved corridor, good thinking! The reduced radius doesn't generally affect the portrayal of the set, since most of the rooms there are the ones filmed from inside, where only a small portion of the corridor was visible at any given time through the door. The one exception is McCoy & Kirk's exit in "The Enemy Within", where we see a decent stretch of the corridor before Evilkirk stumbles by. As you’ve already mentioned in your introduction, differences in corridor radius is not something you are overly bothered with, so this is really a non-issue (just thought I’d mention it)

  • I can see now how you've fitted the "windows" from the cabin set into the side of the hull. The only issue here is that the two rooms in the cabin are at different angles to the flat wall of the secondary hull. But you may have a plan for that, since this is not a final draft.
  • Yeoman Rand's corridor has no ladder? I didn't notice anything in the episode, although I grant that the ladder is not always visible when viewed from certain angles. Is this just a clever way of you limiting the number of ladders on board ship?
  • Gary Mitchell's walk in WNMHGB – nice placement of the long straight corridor, but placing it where you have means he enters the episode from what looks like the Hangar Deck control room – an unusual place to hang out, if not impossible! Also, the corridor appears to be incomplete of what appears in the episode (down the ramp etc as discussed here) Or is this related to your odd remark about the anitmatter pod being enlarged (and presumably replacing some corridor sections?)
  • I like the idea of the security section. Is this the only brig though? If so then I should draw your attention to "Way to Eden" where one of the Space-hippies climbs UP the triangular ladder to carry out the jailbreak.
Love the theory about the changing colour of the turbolifts!

  • The Transporter Room in "The Cage" of course had a different corridor setup outside its doors. I assume you are ascribing interior remodelling to explain the differences.
And that's it for now! Really looking forward to more.
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