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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

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The thing is, Abi (not "Abby") might stick around just because she has absolutely zero chance of winning the jury vote at the final tribal council. At this point, you really do need to target the likeable players, not the obnoxious one who is getting on everyone's last nerve.

Of course, that means putting up with Abi for another ten days or so . . . which may be more than some people are capable of!
I know that is a common tactic, but I hate it. There are just people on the show I'd rather be watching then her.
I know what you mean as a viewer. But as a contestant, why wouldn't you want to take Abi with you to the end? And this close to the end, with a one-in-six chance at the million, the other players have got to be thinking about their endgame.

The interesting question: does Abi still think she has a shot at winning? Or does she realize that nobody likes her enough to vote for her?
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