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There's something about Insurrection that I've always kind of wondered about. The Ba'ku weren't indigenous to that planet, but obviously they benefited from the "fountain of youth" on that planet. If the Ba'ku were so...enlightened and nice, for lack of better words, why wouldn't they just share the planet with others for the purpose of helping others? I mean they are a population of 600. They wouldn't even take up a fourth of the planet. Why not have their small area, and open up maybe 50% of the other side of the planet where the sick can come for help for medical reasons?
They were selfish.
Wait they were asked at some point?

When did this happen in the film?

All I remember is the typical corrupt admiral who is always the bad guy in these situations doing the typical corrupt admiral bad guy things, such as hiding what he plans to do and his allies shooting Data for finding out about it, then trying to get Picard to kill Data to keep him quiet, and planning to kidnap the natives and never let them know what was going on.
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