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Re: Babylon 5, did someone have a vendetta against the series?

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If ENT fails to sell well, say goodbye to DS9 and VOY remasters.
Unlikely. Both series were more successful than Enterprise. A better indicator will be how well subsequent seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation sell.
Yes, but no.
If Enterprise doesn't sell, then one argument is 'That's because it's the final, least popular, Trek series'. [FX: waits for the sound of a fatwa from those who do like Enterprise]. 'Let's spend a hefty amount of money on remastering DS9 and Voyager, as they'll do better.'
Option two is: 'Even the one that was HD ready didn't break even. No more. It's an old property, it's had its day*'.
The problem is the the person who goes for option two keeps their job. The person who goes for option one loses their job if they're wrong...

*10 no-points if you can name the person, company and decade, and series it refers to, that quote comes from...
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