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Re: Best DS9 characters

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6.) And finally ... Jake. Yeah, I know, but honestly, he gets major bonus points for essentially being the anti-Wesley. He sort of fades into the background in later season, but early on he has some episodes in which he really shines. "The Visitor" still breaks my heart a little bit. The relationship between father and son is truly touching, and from what I understand, Avery Brooks and Cirroc Lofton didn't have to do much acting there, because they actually became that close in real life.
I always thought the thing that made Jake interesting- the fact that he didn't choose a life in Starfleet- was also his character's undoing. Afterall, this is a show about Starfleet, so him choosing to not to join made him purposeless to most of the storylines once he was no longer a kid. Likewise, Nog choosing to do what Jake didn't made his character shine.
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