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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

All right! "The Paradise Syndrome" is my favorite Fried score and one of the best overall. Say what you like about season 3's writing, acting, etc. -- most of my favorite scores are from it. I'm particularly looking forward to "Death of Miramanee." There's this really moving sting on the cello (I think) just after Miramanee dies, and it's played almost inaudibly on the Label X album version. I'll be so glad to get the original.

Both of these scores had suite versions on the Label X albums, "Paradise" on Vol. 1 (arranged and conducted by Tony Bremner) and "Spectre" on Vol. 2 (arranged by Clyde Allen, conducted by Bremner). Cues that have not had a version released before include:

"Spectre of the Gun":
Hailing Frequencies
It Is Done!
The Clantons Lost/Death Is Real!/Tack Piano (Weird)*
Good Morning Gents/Draw Clanton
Taos Lightning
Not Yet Our Time
One Other Place/Any Way You Can
Shoot Out, Part 1
Shoot Out, Part 2
It’s Gone Sir
No Title

*Assuming this is the off-key piano music in the saloon, it is included in the Label X suite, but it isn't listed as a distinct track.

Naming differences: "Melkots' Warning" is "Melkot's Warning," "My Name--Doc Holliday" uses a colon instead of a dash.

"The Paradise Syndrome":
Episode Title/Puzzled Kirk
Maximum Warp/Engine Strain
Bad Memory
Lazy Lazer
Meditating Spock/Wedding Dress
The Fight
Listless Spock/Spock Cheats Doctor/Forest Montage/Troubling Dreams*/Mud Map
Forever Cooking/Wind
Check-Up/Death to a False God/Mind Fusion
Back to Reality/The Right Words/Wounded Girl
The Right Button

*The Label X album includes a cue called "Birth Announcement," between "The Ceremony" and "False God." Perhaps it's the cue called "Troubling Dreams" here?

Labeling differences: "The Amerikinds" is called "The Amerinds," "Washday" is "Wash Day," and "Dilithium" is called "Dilithium Problem."

Looks like the Bremner suite of "Paradise" focused mostly on the planetside thread instead of the shipboard stuff. Hey, doesn't this episode reprise Fried's electric-bass Spock theme from "Amok Time"?
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