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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Future’s End Parts 1 & 2

Barstow? Really? They started with a radio transmission from Barstow…the writer must have just driven from L.A. to Las Vegas…

A Federation ship from the future, Captain Braxton, attacks Voyager because they believe that VOY was responsible for the destruction of Earth’s solar system. The attacking vessel and VOY get pulled into a spatial rift. It takes Janeway a moment, but she realizes that they have been pulled back into time: Earth 1996. Captain Braxton went through the rift first and was there for 30 years longer than VOY.

Tuvok and Paris look hysterical in their 1990’s clothing. When Janeway looked at the people on the boardwalk in California she gave this look that was absolutely priceless! It was easily my favorite Janeway expression!!

I was so excited when The Doctor was downloaded by Starling. (I had a few spoilers; I knew the Doc was eventually going to be able to move around the ship). I looked at my husband and I started clapping because I knew that this was that episode. The new technology was going to give the Doctor the flexibility to move around. It was a great cliff-hanger to flow into Part II. I did not like the end of Part II where everyone was kind of put-off by the Doctor being there. They did not seem very excited about his new-found-mobility.

They picked good supporting actors/actresses. Rain and Starling fit the parts perfectly. Also, the costumes were excellent (both the main actors and extras in the background). I enjoyed it when Captain Braxton eccentrically explained that Henry Starling found his space ship and stole it. He too, was an excellent choice!

These episodes were filled with humor!! I loved it when Rain asked Tuvok, “What is that thing in your pants?” Tuvok almost looked like he was going to smile! Also, when Kes and Neelix were watching 1990’s soap operas, their comments were quite entertaining!! Another great moment: when Rain called the Doctor Mr. Leisure Suit, and he responded, “Another one I haven’t thought of”!!

Watching these episodes back-to-back had more of a movie feel. I liked that. There was a great story line, and it was captivating.

Favorite part: These were the first full episodes that took place on Earth. The characters were out of uniform, and in a whole new setting. I really enjoy episodes where the characters are off-ship!!

Least favorite part: Janeway left Kim in charge of the ship. Kim is growing on me, but in the worst case that they do not return from Earth Janeway should have left at least one commanding officer, who is capable of running the ship, onboard. Leave Chakotay or Tuvok at least….preferably Chakotay. (Tuvok is hysterical in this episode)!!
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