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Re: Your Christmas Wish List

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I used to be bothered by the concept of obligatory gift-giving. This type of thing only happened at work. I thought, "If I gave Co-Worker #2 a Christmas present, then I'd have to get something for Co-Workers #3, #4, and #5 as well, so they wouldn't get offended or left out." Then I realized how silly it was. Gift-giving was not a popularity contest; it should come from the heart. Now I give presents only to those people I really like and have enjoyed working with all year long.
This is why people just do gift exchanges. You want a gift, you sign up for the exchange and get one for someone else. You don't want a gift, you don't want the obligation, don't sign up. Easy.
We used to do that in the office, too. We'd set a maximum value of, say, $25 per gift. But after awhile, people got tired of getting scammed. My boss, in particular, was quite unhappy whenever he got undesirable presents (of less than $20, etc.). Some complained about getting "sexist" gifts; e.g., women's jewelry for a guy, or men's toolset for a female employee. One year, it got to a point where my boss required everyone to actually bring a receipt as proof of purchase, reflecting the actual dollar amount. Boy, was that a bad idea. It couldn't be helped, but some people didn't want to play by the rules. We haven't done a gift exchange in about five years ...

My company just has a holiday party and a $10 gift exchange. One of those things where everybody brings a wrapped gift, numbers are assigned, and you can either take one of the gifts from the table, or steal someone's gift that they already unwrapped. Lots of fun, and not much whining.
Five stars!
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