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Re: Best episodes ever...

Contagion - Such a unique episode in that things get started right off the bat with another Galaxy Class starship exploding. It's a fun pseudo-mystery and having Picard man an away mission was good. Good suspense in having the ship slowly start falling apart like the Yamato.
A Matter of Perspective - Rashomon is one of my favorites, and TNG's take on it was a good one. Good mystery and use of perspective, with a good application of science fiction to explain the mystery
Disaster - TNG's take on Towering Inferno or The Poseidon Adventure. Every castmember got to do something different, and all had good screentime and material. Worf delivering a baby, headless Data, Ro berating Troi, it had it all.
Cause and Effect - Perhaps Braga's greatest solo contribution to Trek. Clever idea, great direction by Frakes (same scenes with different cameras), and watching the same scenario over and over but with minor differences were fun.
Best of Both Worlds Part I - But just Part I. Part II was a satisfying conclusion, but it lacked the oomph of Part I, it was more procedural. Part I had it all, the dread, the atmosphere, the suspense, the perfect Ron Jones score, and the best cliffhanger ever.

Honorable mentions: 11001001, Yesterday's Enterprise, Booby Trap, Deja Q and The Nth Degree
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