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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Don't be Sad, Count.... Here, have a Tribble. They're SWEET & CUDDLY. They Purr.

And since they're Vermin, you can Shoot them silly if you find that to be more therapeutic. Worf Does.

Just don't get them Wet.

or... wait... is it don't feed them? or don't expose them to Light? Or don't dangle your infant above a Den of them at the Zoo? Arse. I'm getting Old.

Ummm, really tho, please Do NOT shoot. They're Sentient, too, you know. and No Tribble Souffle, either. It just isn't nice. i'll take her back if you don't want her. Darn! my mother TOLD me not to give Pets as Presents... when will i learn?
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