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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

I was listening, for the 80th time, to the Mace Fight cue sample from Catspaw. It's very much in the style of Gerald Fried's music for The Man from UNCLE, but I find it to be miles better than his work from that show. Primarily because the UNCLE scores became very "mod" and shrill, and the orchestra was ridiculously small. His Trek work has a fuller sound, where UNCLE comes off sounding cheap. A lot of the music was extremely well written, but in the final analysis, Star Trek wins. For me, anyway.

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Ohh, wow. Too bad I can't be there. I hope the event will be video-recorded (you can't really call it "taped" anymore -- we need a new verb) and
Maybe we can. Many pros still use digital tape.

I just don't like change.... ;-)
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