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Re: Best episodes ever...

Disclaimer: I tend to judge the episodes not by what I consider "the best," but if it contains an element I personally find appealing. It might be an individual performance, or even an interesting plot point not fully developed. I'm also fond of shows where the actors get to step outside their usual characters. In random order, these are five that I found memorable.

Heart of Glory - Vaughn Armstrong's portrayal of Korris impressed me enough that I started looking for his other credits in reference books before the internet as we know it existed.
Frame of Mind - A terrific mindbender which still confuses me trying to find all the layers, perhaps Frakes' biggest challenge as an actor.
Hollow Pursuits - Because nearly everyone gets to step outside their usual roles. Dwight Schultz did so well that Barclay became a recurring character.
The Drumhead - I usually don't like courtroom episodes, but the writing and performances were among the best of seven years. Echoes of the McCarthy hearings were chilling.
All Good Things... - One of the best series finales in television history. Patrick Stewart in perhaps every single scene, which must have been exhausting. Most of the regular cast gets to do variations on their characters.
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