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For being the people we're supposed to sympathize with in the film, they really were self-entitled jerks.

They spout nonsensical phrases that imply moral superiority where none exists, they exile anyone who disagrees with them, which is basically a death sentence given the immortality, they don't even entertain the notion of moving to help billions of people with the medical science, and as much as they believe in pacifism, they're hypocritical in having no objections to having lackeys fight on their behalf.

Even when Aniij just pompously flops down in the boat, you figure she just may as well spout out, "row slaves." Then at the send when the "good" Sona return home, well too bad they're still gonna die like it was said earlier. Yeah to an immortal race a couple years of putting up with their exiled relatives isn't too bad since they're gonna die anyways. They get to live in hippy utopia, the Federation doesn't get the medical technology which could save billions during the middle of a destructive war, and the Federation have actively made an enemy during that said war. But Picard gets to shag the Baku chick, so it's a happy ending.
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