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Re: Your Christmas Wish List

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When I started this thread, I also thought about asking what people had in mind in terms of ”giving” gifts, but I suppose it's not too late to do that.

As I mentioned, I usually get presents for various family members, friends, and colleagues. The majority of those come in the form of gift cards. It's so much easier for me to shop; I just get a whole bunch of them, and i'm in and out of the store. For my friend Madge, I try to get something more interesting. It adds an element of surprise and enjoyment in wrapping a present.
Well, in that case, and since I get so excited about Christmas presents:

-Already explained mom's tattoo

-For my dad, this great Trek shirt:

-For little sister: A pocket-watch necklace and ninjabread men cookie cutters (she bakes a lot):

-For older sister, this sounds lame, but a $50 Starbucks card. The reason I wanted to get this is because she is really struggling financially. She's in school, and she and her husband are supporting two kids. It seems like she's cut every single luxury out of her life, and she really deserves something that she can use to just be a treat for her. She loves getting fancy frilly lattes, so this will make her very happy.

-For best friend, the painting I made her last year but we never got to see each other:

-For nephews: toystoystoys and booksbooksbooks

-For brother-in-law...not sure yet, maybe the xkcd book

-For boss: fancy loose tea

-For other friends and coworkers I'll bring back chocolates and Applets&Cotlets from local Seattle companies

-For grandmother - she's the only difficult person. She's both snooty and miserly, so if the present isn't nice enough she'll complain about how cheap it is, but if it's really nice she'll bitch at you for wasting money.

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