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Re: How militarized should Starfleet be?

i stand corrected on the soldier/explorer thing.

Contemporary Astronauts, as i understand it, can be Scientists "trained" to do the job in space... Yes? But, originally, they were all Military.. mostly Pilots, if i recall... tho it's hardly the same skill set, these days.. {are scientists given a rank on board, say, the Int'l Space Station? or are they strictly Cilivilian? Wouldn't there have to be a ranking of sorts in case of a Catastrophe- who trumps who if so-and-so bites the dust? Would that rank transfer back to their Life On Earth?}

it's hard to see starfleet as anything BUT military given that it's organized Hierarchically and everyone has a military rank... don't they? But Professors and PhDs and MDs etc. are Addressed by Title? And Government officials? Wheres the overlap in Gov't & Starfleet? The President of the Federation doesn't need be Starfleet, right? My Knowledge of the Gov't of Earth & the Federation in the 22nd century and beyond is based only on Series and Movies... and not very complete, at that. Politics, Arggh!
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