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Re: Eccleston comments on 50th anniversary special return

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His answer to me suggests that he has no interest in Doctor Who whatsoever. Most actors will usually give gushing praise of a show they were on even if the praise is not sincere. Eccleston is completely apathetic, basically has a "I don't care" response to every question. I don't think he likes Doctor Who at all.
And that is absolutely his right. He has a perspective on the series that no one here will ever have - he was the lead in the Doctor Who series. We can speculate (and often do), but we'll never know what it is truly like to be in that situation, with the enormous pressure of resurrecting a long-dead, yet still beloved, series.

The closest we can ever come is reading the emails between Russell Davies and Ben Cook. Granted, everything in that book was well after Eccleston had left the series and it was a ratings hit. Had any of Eccleston's episodes even aired before he was already out of the role?
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