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Re: How militarized should Starfleet be?

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And Picard once chewed out Worf for not coming to his feet fast enough in Picard's presence.
I'm unable to recall this instance.
It's the episode where Worf starts a fire in his quarters.

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Well- honestly, i'm hard put to think of soldiers who explore... So it's a conundrum, a paradox. Soldiers generally do not "explore"
Think the British Navy of the 15th, 16th, 17th centuries. They defended their nation yes, but also engaged in world exploration, and defense of colonies, and protected trade.

During that time period, the British Navy also did not consider themselves "the military."

.. and Explorers are generally not "soldiers"
Often they were the same people.

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Picard stated that SF is not a military organization.
Then they engaged in war games. Just another example of Picard being wrong when he opens his mouth.

Its more along the lines of 'jack of all trades'.
Which is the miltary in the modern world (and the past). When there is a large natural disaster somewhere, among of the first people there are the military.

While one of its functions is to defend the Federation, it has a much bigger emphasis is on exploration/discovery/research/science/diplomacy.
But which is the primary mission? Put it this way, if a ship is on a science mission, it will likely drop that in a hot second to perform a mission of defense. If a ship is on a active combat mission, unlikely they will abandon that to survey a new planet.

It would be like saying that the primary mission of the US military is training, because that's what they spend the most amount of time doing.

And people today will often mistake SF as a military because it bears a resemblance to what we have today (even though its not the same thing).
You would have to squint pretty hard to not see Starfleet as the Federation's uniformed armed forces.

writer stupidity
You seem to use this a lot.

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