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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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"People who perpetually hunt for witches to burn inevitably find them..." as the saying goes.
Arn't you the same chap who created a thread a while back comparing the fictional Empire from Star Wars with the not at all fictional Third Reich and thus anyone who likes said Empire being a sympathiser with said non-fictional regime?

Pot, Kettle, Black anyone?
Very much so.

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I wasn't aware you were the arbiter of legitimate points of view on TBBS.

Good to know. Thanks.
I wasn't aware that you get shirty when someone points out the absurdity of your opinion.

Good to know. Thanks.
What's "shirty" mean?
It means he can't marshall enough resolve to be open-minded enough to consider your point, because in doing so it might (God forbid!) acknowledge that he isn't totally right.
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