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I missed it too. Along with the 3rd computer terminal for the hacker apparently.
Did anyone else keep finding Turians to revive? I never did find out what the point of that was. I half expected it to be for some sidequest or achievement, but I didn't see anything pop up.
Well at least one of them was found at the Talon base camp and thanks Shepard. But there were a few others I revived and don't think I saw them again. Although they all look the same...
Maybe it's just for XP. I was playing a Lv60 character so I couldn't tell.
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It's becoming harder and harder for me to take this company seriously anymore.

Help me, Dragon Age III. You're my only hope.
The quality started to nosedive the instant EA took over.
Now, now. The original Dragon Age was pretty good, and that was still under the EA aegis for at least the tail end of development.
I think some fans give EA a little too much credit for Bioware's decline in quality over the years. Don't get me wrong, they're a shitty company that seems to activly hate their own customers, but I think Bioware bares at least some responsibility. Largely I think EA has just served to put the games under a much shorter (read: more profitable) development cycle and mindlessly push for greater focus on social gaming.

They didn't write that awful ending to ME3, nor did they cripple DA2's story by making it impractical for decisions to have any real impact.

While the shorter dev cycle has apparantly lead to some pretty inconsistent levels of quality (ME3 is all over the place) and some inexcusably cheep tactics to get as much use out of assets as possible (the endlessly recycled maps in DA2) so far the social side hasn't been *that* bad. The ME3 multiplayer has been surprisingly good. It was developed in parallel by a separate division of Bioware, so claims that resources were diverted rings rather false. Additionally they've been supporting MP with several free DLCs that have genuinely enhanced the gameplay. They've even taken lessons learnt from watching players and fed that back into the Leviathan and Omega DLCs. I'd call that a net gain, overall.

Also, to be fair, I think some people put DAO up on a bit of a pedestal. It was not without flaws and many of the major ones were directly addressed in DA2...unfortunately they went and created all new ones. Hopefully, third times the charm!
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